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What "U" Means to "You"
How We Assign Players to Teams
In/Out of County Ratio Guidelines
updated Jan 2014
Teaming Guidelines updated Jan 2014
Late Registrations
Refund Policy

What “U” Means to “You”
Potomac Field Hockey follows the “U” standards set by the USA Field Hockey (USAFH), to determine the age of a player for purposes of league and tournament play.  “U” means “under.” For example, “U14” means players who are less than 14 years old by a specified date.

Here is an example of how the “U” is established for a player:

• Our example player was born on July 15, 2001.
• USAFH establishes the playing age for all participants in calendar year events to be as of the last day of the previous calendar year - that is, the age of the player on December 31 of the previous year.
• Our example player is 11 years old on December 31, 2012, so her "U" group is U12 therefore she must play in a U12 age group or older for any activity during the entire calendar year of 2013 even though she turns 12 prior to the start of the fall season.

Potomac Field Hockey does not accept requests for players to play up in our recreational league.  Information for requesting to play up in the travel league will be posted in the Rapids Travel Program section.  


How We Assign Players to Teams
Players are assigned to teams within their U groups based on their school.  When possible, players within schools will be kept together.  In cases where there are not enough players from a school to form a team, PFH will roster according to high school clusters.  If you have any questions, please e-mail .

In/Out of County Ratio Guidelines
Potomac Field Hockey (PFH) is a Loudoun County Parks, Recreation, and Community Services (PRCS) affiliate and therefore obtains outdoor field space for practices and games via the affiliate relationship with PRCS.  As a PRCS affiliate youth sports league, PFH is required to adhere to a specific ratio of in and out of county residents to ensure that the youth sports league provides opportunities primarily for Loudoun County residents;  this ratio states that our league "must consist of 95% Loudoun County residents."  As a relatively new youth sports league in the county, PRCS has been lenient with us regarding the ratio, however, as PFH is growing and we are in need of more field space, PFH is required to strictly adhere to the established ratio.

This will not apply to the U19/High School division as of Spring 2014.

Teaming Guidelines
The following rules apply to teaming:

  • PFH does not accept requests to play up for the youth recreational league program.
  • PFH does not accept requests to play with specific coaches, carpools, or teams.
  • Consideration is given to requests made at the time of registration as they relate to carpool requests.  Please note that requests ARE NOT guaranteed and are given based on practice nights so do not necessarily result in being on the same team.

Late Registrations
Registrations received after the Late Registration Deadline are automatically waitlisted.  Players will only be rostered to a team on a space available basis and in the order that the registrations are received.  Requests for carpools will not be considered. 

Wait listed players will be contacted individually to confirm their participation based on the availability.  Once their space is confirmed, league registration and late registration fees must be paid before official rostering occurs.  Payments must be made within 24 hours or the space will be transferred to the next available player.

Refund Policy
Click here to download our Refund Policy information.